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Germany's famous pet food brand Vitakraft enters China Market

on April 09, 2021

Germany's famous pet food brand Vitakraft enters China Market

Among the many domestic imported pet products, German brands have always had a strong presence. The German brand of pet food cans, snack meat strips, etc. are all popular among pet owners. The rigorous nature of the Germans has also brought a high-quality reputation to "Made in Germany.

Originated from Germany, with a history of more than 180 years

Nine own factories worldwide, sales in more than 80 countries

Vitakraft, founded in Bremen in 1837, has a history of more than 180 years. After several generations of family operations, it became a trusted pet brand in Europe in the early 20th century. Nowadays, Vita Kraft has nine self-owned factories globally, sales in more than 80 countries, more than 5,000 trading partners, and more than 50,000 warehouses. Every day, pet owners around the world purchased more than one million Vitakraft products. It has grown from a small agricultural product retailer to a broad international pet group, and it can be called one of the most successful companies in the pet industry.

The brand has become the first choice of 90% of German pet families by focusing on "making products," and it is the "national brand" in Germans' hearts. And their cat treats are also trendy in the Chinese domestic market, and now they have their fans in China.

In Germany, Vitakraft occupies a leading position in the pet market and has a considerable market share in Europe.

In 2013-2018, Weita Kraft won the "Top Marke" (Best Marketing) award for six consecutive years. As an authoritative trade newspaper in the wholesale and retail industry, "the Lebensmittel Zeitung" established this award. According to consumers' preference and sales volume every year. And the organizer will select the top 100 famous brands. According to Euromonitor's August 2020 statistics, for the cat treats and dog snack treats market, Vitakraft's products have won the top three sales in Europe.

Vitakraftt's philosophy is "Advocating nature and caring for pets." As a large-scale pet product group, Vitakraft's products are not only pet treats. The brand's product line includes cat and dog dry food, canned food, wet and dry treats, cat litter, and small pet foods such as for rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas. A variety of bird foods and reptiles pet foods cover almost all pet categories, which is very comprehensive.

Pay good attention to China's pet market

Play a "main food + treats" combination marketing tip

Vitakraft is very optimistic about China's pet market and has formed a new team for the Asian market with China as its focus.

"Vitakraft is the leading pet brand with the most extended history in Europe. We are rapidly expanding our global business, and China is one of the markets we attach great importance. In 2019, to better meet the Chinese market's needs, the company established a new global management board structure, a new global leader team based on the Asian market-Samuel Phan (President, International Markets), the international President of Marketing. "

Strategic cooperation with local Chinese companies

Jointly develop the domestic market

In the Chinese market, Vitakraft is widely accepted mainly because of two key elements:

  1. German craftsman spirit, powerful brand

Vitakraft was founded in 1837 and had a history of more than 180 years. It is the oldest brand in Europe.

90% of pet families in Germany choose Vitakraft products. Their product line is rich, covering almost all pet categories. Healthy, but they are very low-key, concentrate on product development and iteration, and have the spirit of German craftsmanship. We admire such brands. Besides, there are relatively few German brands in the import market. It is hoped that strong German brands can be introduced into China, and more Chinese pet products consumers can buy more German products.

  1. High-quality products, loved by Chinese consumers

Vitakraft already has a large number of fans in China. Their German cat treats are trendy in China. The products are high in meat with German baking technology and super palatability. At the exhibition, we have all seen consumers come over and want to buy such good products so that more pets children possibly eat;

The domestic treats products introduced this time also have their characteristics. Cat Yum is a baked cat treat with more than 70% meat content; Triggles is a super-soft cat snack with more than 60% cod meat. These treats are imported from Germany with no sugar, no grains, no artificial colors, and flavor enhancers, and their palatability is also excellent.

Expand product line

Multi-resources will be invested in the Chinese market

In the future, Vitakraft will introduce more excellent products to the Chinese domestic market, including the popular Noshies and Treaties and other German-origin dog treats.

The company said, "We have just completed a brand new business strategy plan recently and will invest a lot of resources in the Chinese market in the next five years. And we are continuing to expand our product line. Recently, our German factory successfully completed the registration. This factory is one of our most popular cats, and dog treats production factory. "

At the same time, Vitakrafti is also developing a diversified global supply chain and product upgrades to sell those core products in China officially. In the next few years, Vitakraft will continue to apply for more self-owned factories, further expanding the product line that can be sold in China. "


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