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What should I do if a puppy always bites something?

on April 11, 2021

For puppies, biting and scratching things is a natural game behavior because it is in the period of teething. Due to the irritation, it will bite any object it can see, especially the things with the smell of the owner. Dogs with gastrointestinal disorders or parasitic diseases will also bite things.

When it is lonely or boring, it will mischievously nibble on the things in the house. The owner should understand the puppies' chewing behavior. Please do not beat him .she. Otherwise, it will become timid. Toys such as bones or chews can exercise teeth to divert attention from other things.

Ways to correct puppies' bites:

  1. Remove the items it often destroys and place it out of its reach, or spray non-toxic potions with pungent odors on the things it often bites.
  2. Carry out "prohibition of biting training" and tie it with a leash. When it wants to pick up or bite items, immediately say "no" and pull the leash to stop it. If it knows wrong, change it, Immediately say "good" to praise it.
  3. Stacking cans filled with small stones around the puppy can effectively prevent it from running around.
  4. Some puppies like to chew on the owner's hand as a bone when playing with the owner. At this time, you have to stop it with a stern voice and then walk away for a while to ignore it. If it doesn't work, lock it up and let it understand that biting is punished.

No matter what the situation is, you should pay more attention to the puppy's behavior.


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