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Tips On Choosing a Suitable Dog Nest

on April 11, 2021

Like humans, a dog needs a safe place to live, and as the owner, it is the responsibility to create a clean and comfortable nest for your dog.

Dog nests on the market come in various colors, styles and textures. The most common ones are those made of rattan and sponge. They are suitable for small dogs. They have a slightly higher edge on all sides, and there is a gap for easy access. It feels like being surrounded by it inside, feeling warm and safe. Filling with cedar sawdust brings not only the fragrance of cedar to the room but also prevents the breeding of fleas and other parasites.

The place of the dog nest should also be particular. It is best to place it in a place where people do not often move around to ensure that the dog can have a rest quietly.

A homemade dog nest can be made of small wooden boxes, baskets, cardboard boxes, etc. The inside, outside, and edges should be smooth, and there should be no sharp objects such as nails to avoid scratching the dog; the size is so that its limbs can stretch freely. Put a blanket, etc. on the bottom layer, and often help it wash and dry. Every time you change the sheets, you should leave a little bit of its smell so that it will find its nest; be careful not to use feathers as bedding because of Dogs tear them up when they are bored, mess up the room, and cause indigestion if they swallow feathers.

The basic principle of building an outdoor kennel is to choose a slightly higher location, warm in winter and cool in summer, ventilated and dry and can be arranged in the corner of the yard near the gate to facilitate it as guard work. The kennel should have a small window suitable for ventilation and light; the length should be slightly larger than two times its body length; the ceiling should have a certain height. If you can hang an electric light on the roof, it would be better.

Outdoor Dog Houses

The entrance and exit must have enough height and width to allow it to come and go freely. Make a door curtain in winter, roll it up when the day is warm; the roof at the entrance and exit should grow a little bit so that it will not easily drift into the house if it rains or snows.

After the kennel is built, a wooden bed should be made to sleep, so that it will not catch a cold from sleeping on the concrete floor. The size of the bed is such that the dog can stretch its limbs when lying or lying down. The bed should also be covered with grass. To keep it soft and dry, it should be turned over and replaced frequently. To prevent fleas, put some fresh pine leaves or sun-dried ferns on its bed.


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