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How to take care of senior dogs?

on April 11, 2021

Larger sized dogs are old even when they are seven or eight years old; their coat becomes gray or white, hair loss increases, their skin is loose and dry, and prone to skin diseases and lose appetite. After ten years old, teeth turn yellow, eyes become cloudy, vision and hearing loss.

Most senior dogs become fat and stupid due to reduced exercise, so pay attention to control their food intake and feed more foods containing vitamins. The appetite of senior Dogs is reduced, and their digestive function declines. This requires small and frequent meals and provides with high-nutrient, easy-to-chew and digest foods. Some dogs suffer from cervical spondylosis, and it is difficult to lower their heads when eating. You can put the food container higher.

The character of the senior Dogs is no longer as active and active as before, and the bones become fragile. Calcium should be supplemented appropriately. Best to feed them with milk, cheese, fish, etc. ; the bones of pigs and cows will damage its teeth, so don’t provide it. . Besides, it should not be allowed to do complex and challenging training, and the amount of exercise should be appropriately reduced; the eyesight and hearing of the senior Dogs are weakened, and the response is slow. The owner should direct he/she by touching or gestures instead of shouting.

Due to its reduced physiological functions in all aspects, its ability to adapt to the harsh environment and resistance to diseases will become poor. Therefore, it is necessary to provide a suitable living environment, heat prevention and ventilation in summer, and cold and heat preservation in winter.

Pay attention to the behavior of the pet dog, and take it to the doctor if it is found to be abnormal.


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