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How to punish a dog that makes a mistake?

on April 11, 2021

People always beat dogs that made mistakes, but generally, this kind of punishment is not effective.

Dogs are very sensitive. Many times you just look to be angry, and they know that they are wrong. Frequently beating will cast a shadow on its soul and lose its loyalty

For dogs that have bad habits or make mistakes, the punishment methods include prohibition, freedom restriction, and mechanical stimulation

(1) prohibition is generally used when the dog’s wrong behavior is early and is a less punitive corrective. For example, when it was about to pick up and eat not regular food, say “no” to stop it.

(2) Restrict freedom. It is a more gentle means of punishment. When the dog behaves or barks for no reason, it can be locked up as punishment.

(3) Mechanical stimulation. It is mainly used to correct its bad behavior. For example, when it is out for a walk, it pulls on the leashes. At this time, you can pull the rope hard to make its neck mechanically stimulated. For puppies or more sensitive small dogs, you can’t punish too much. Just roll up the newspaper and tap on the tip of its nose.

The dog has no logical thinking ability and cannot associate punishment with the wrong things it has done. Therefore, punishment should be executed immediately when it makes a mistake. If it takes 10 minutes to punish it, it thinks its owner suddenly dislikes him/her.

When punishing, please don’t call its name. Otherwise, it will create an illusion: when you call his/her name in the future, he/she will hide in fright.

The owner causes more dog problems, so when your dog makes a mistake, you should not only punish it but also check whether you are negligent in training.


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