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How happy is it to be a Brazilian pet dog!

on April 09, 2021

Brazilians love dogs very much, and they love keeping dogs too.

When talking about their China's impression, the first thing they think of is related to dogs: Chinese people eat dog meat.  Although you can explain that not all Chinese eat dog meat, they still feel in their hearts that eating dog meat is unacceptable. Yes, for them, Dogs are family.

[su_quote]In 2015, the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics released a survey report that showed that the total number of pet dogs in Brazil in 2013 was 52.2 million.[/su_quote]

In the same year, there were 44.9 million children under the age of 14 in Brazil, and the total number of pet dogs was more than children. . 44.3% of households in Brazil had at least one pet dog, and the number is increasing year by year.

More intuitively, the United States, Brazil, and China are the three countries with the largest number of dog owners in 2016. Still, China's population base is more than 1.3 billion people, and Brazil has only 200 million people. From this point, we can see how Brazilians love keeping dogs.

With so many dogs, how do Brazilians treat pet dogs? From my observation, Brazil is really "a paradise for dogs."

Let me talk things related to a dog's life. Brazilians can't imagine that people eat dog meat, and they will not eat dog meat themselves. So in Brazil, dogs don't have to worry about being caught on the road and eaten. In China, it's tough to say. You may not eat dog meat, but there are still many people eating it.

 When a dog is sick, Pets go to a vet; in my opinion, it is the most significant difference between China and Brazil.

Many Chinese girls' ideals are "I like flowers. I want to open a flower shop" and "I like small animals and want to open a pet shop." In the pet shop, you can wash your dog, buy various food toys, and see a vet.
But there is a problem because the threshold of being a vet is very high, and there are many technical requirements. Just having a passion for pets can not be enough for curing diseases

Nowadays, more and more people keep dogs in China, but for many people, pets are "one-off": when pets are healthy, they love them. When pets get sick, they don't get the best treatment. It is not easy to find a reliable veterinarian for those owners who intend to treat their pets. In many cities, you may not be able to see a qualified veterinarian.

In Brazil, this situation is very different. Brazil's veterinary system works quite well.

In early April, the recently announced global university rankings showed that the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil ranked first in dentistry (oral surgery and stomatology) and zoology. Brazilians love teeth, so Brazil's dentist is the world's number one, Brazil is rich in species, and because they love animals, zoology research ranks among the best.

People sincerely value animals and care about animals, and they will naturally devote themselves to researching how to relieve animals' diseases.

Walking on the streets of Brazilian cities, the number of pet hospitals and pet shops far exceeds that in China. In densely populated residential areas, every street block has a pet store.

In some pet shops that integrate medical treatment and shopping, veterinarians and service personnel are distinguished. These veterinarians are certified.

Furthermore, let's talk about freedom.

Dogs love freedom mostly. People who raise dogs know that dogs like to play outside. Every day, every minute, they want to go outside the house

In China, some people walk their dogs every day, but not many. Most owners only choose to take their dogs out for just one or several days a week. What do Brazilians do about walking the dog?

I here to introduce a new job that I only knew after coming to Brazil: dog walker. Many busy workers usually do not have plenty of time to walk their dogs, so what should they do? Find someone else to do the work.

Walking on the street, you can often see a person walking on the road with five, six, or even seven or eight dogs. He is a dog walker. Families who don't have time to walk the dog will give their dogs to the dog walker. In this way, the owner could satisfy the dog's desire even if they do not have plenty of time to do it themselves.

Raising a dog is about raising its body and taking into account the dog's mood. In this regard, Brazilians have done a great job.Brazilian dogs can not only walk nearby where they live but also they can travel and even go abroad. They can apply for passports, just like people.

Many dog-raising families go on vacation in China, especially when going abroad; pet cats and dogs cannot accompany them. People have to leave them with their family or friends. Brazilians who love to travel are also facing this situation, so what should they do?

[su_quote]At the end of 2013, the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture announced that to facilitate citizens to bring cats and dogs in and out of the country, it began to issue passports for pets and dogs for free.[/su_quote]

In Brazil, a pet can apply for a passport after 90 days of birth. When applying for a passport, in addition to providing a vaccination certificate for pet cats and dogs, pet owners also need to implant a multifunctional chip under the pet's skin. The chip records the pet owner's contact information and other information and the pet's sex, type, age, vaccination, and medical records. In this way, cats and dogs with passports can go on an airplane vacation with their owners.

Although all countries have not yet accepted the Brazilian pet passport, but countries like the United States and the European Union. This is undoubtedly great news for some pet owners.

Finally, let's talk about what kind of dogs Brazilians love to keep.

In China, Teddy. Pomeranian OR other small dogs are more popular, as they look cute and easy to hold in the house, But in Brazil, Teddy and Pomeranian are not common. Let me sum it up, Brazilian dogs have three characteristics: short-haired, medium-sized.

As far as I know, the citizens of Rio prefer to keep bulldogs.

On the road, we can see bulldogs of various breeds. Besides, there are more bull terriers, Dobermans, and hounds. Compared with the small-sized dogs that Chinese people like, Brazilians prefer to raise medium-sized dogs. For their preferred breeds, dogs like Bull Terriers are more popular; Brazilians like them very much.

People who raise dogs think it is worth learning from Brazilians, we all should care about our friends' psychological needs and physical health.

[su_highlight background="#ff999d"]Keeping a dog should not just be for your happiness, but also to make your dog happy.[/su_highlight]


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