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5 meanings of dogs body stretching

on April 09, 2021

Dogs stretching their waists in different situations mean different things. Dogs "stretching" usually have these five meanings, which not everyone knows. If you want to learn more about the dog's body language and personality characteristic of dogs, please follow our website

Meaning 1. Stretch the body

When the dog wakes up, he stretches his waist, stretching his body, he/she will feel very comfortable. Some dogs follow the owner's actions and do whatever you do.

There is a saying that after the dog and the owner get along for a long time, there will be more similarities.

Meaning 2. Excessive exercise

If the dog suddenly stretches while playing outside, it may be due to excessive exercise. Because some dogs have low physical strength, they may feel uncomfortable if they can walk for too long.

It would be best if you decided to go to outdoor sports or not according to the dog's size, breed, and physical fitness. If the dog feels not good, don't go out.

Meaning 3: stomach discomfort

If the dog stretches in front of you many times, it may be overeating or eating bad, making it feel uncomfortable. The owner can feel its stomach to see if it is a bit hard, rub it, and then eat some probiotics to make the stomach better.

If it is accompanied by trembling, whining, sounding pitiful, etc., it may be a painful part of the body, and it is best to take it to the pet hospital in time.

Meaning 4. Dog menstrual period

When the mom dog feels uneasy and unwell during her menstrual period, she will stretch her waist and generally return to normal when her menstrual period passes. During this time, the owner should pay attention to hygiene issues and give it some nutritious food supplements.

If you don't plan to let the mom dog give birth to children, it is best to make a sterilization plan in advance, preventing the dog from contracting some diseases and prolonging life.

Meaning 5. Welcome the owner

When the dog sees the owner come back, he will make a pouting action, which means that he welcomes the owner home and hopes that the owner will accompany him to play together, like acting like a baby to the owner.

If you see the dog behave like this, all the owner has to do is rush forward and tough his head first. And the dog will be happier if you feed him some treats.



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